Dows Street Studio

A workspace for artist.

"the object of art is to give life shape"

William Shakespeare

Dow Street Studio;

Dow Street Studio was created by the need for an artistic community in Iowa. What started as a simple idea of a photography studio in 2019, soon took on a form of its own. It's because of this, a community for artist was born.


Many say 2020 has been a curse. I don't see it that way.

I will never forget the night following the Deracheo storm in Iowa.

No lights, no cars, no noise, no chaos. Just perfect peaceful beautiful silence, and a million stars smiling down on me.

Don't get me wrong, there's much to find "sucky" about 2020!

But I refuse to take for granted what this time in history has to teach us.

We've been given the chance to slow down, to breathe,

to appreciate and really watch a sunset, to hold a child or a friends hand and just listen and be there..

These things are priceless!

If we fall short of seeing opportunity in the midst of chaos,

we lose what it means to have hope.

I believe art and music can help us find our way back.


-Andrea Scott


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